Monday, December 5, 2011

Nearly Christmas!

I'm running a little late, but I really wanted Primrose (my daughter) to have an advent calender to count down to Christmas. She is too young to have one filled with chocolate from the supermarket so I have made her one with 25 little pockets. Each night we are going to find something in the garden that she can give to her Christmas fairies and on the 25th I will have a little gift for her from her fairies. Hopefully we can keep this little tradition going until Primrose grows up.

Christmas is so much more exciting with children!


Hi again,

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making little baby clothes and selling them at local markets, it's a great project when you have a little one to look after as well.

'Willowsong' comes from the Rudolph Steiner kindergarten that my parents started and my siblings and I all attended. There were times when I was the only student and I have beautiful memories. It was such a big part of my childhood that it seemed like the perfect name for a clothing label for little ones.

canvas swing

easy sling

tie top

frill tunic



long crawlers

It's been a long time!

Wow it's been a long time since my last blog!

I have been following a few of my friends blogs lately and it has inspired me to start posting again.
So much has happened since 2009.
I now have a beautiful little girl who is turing one next week, I am married to an amazing man and life has been hectic and crazy but amazing!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Moku the Friendly Dolphin

We have a dolphin.
Actually it seems as though we stole it, we didn't. It choose to move to Gisborne but as it lived in Mahia for years I feel as though we stole it. Not that anyone or any town can claim a dolphin but it still feels a little under-hand.
Maybe he got bored, too many German tourists.

RAIN DOGS Books and Records

Earlier this year Tim Player of Rain Dogs Books and Records moved from his old stomping ground in the old trades and labour hall on Customhouse Street to a fantastically convenient location on Peel Street. Nestled next to the Gisborne public library it is a prime location for Tim to sell his wonderful collection of the rare, the popular and everything in between. Once inside you are surrounded by books climbing up the walls, books perching on stools, books staring you in the face... everywhere you look there will be books whispering to you, wanting to tell you their story. It is a magical little store, every time I leave another book is clasped tightly under my arm, the pile beside my bed waits patiently for a lazy rainy day.
If you have any special requests just ask and Tim will either be able to tell you exactly where it is on the jam packed shelves (always very surprising that he knows where everything lives) or it will be in one of the many unpacked boxes out the back.

Rain Dogs Books and Records is open Monday to Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3.
Enjoy exploring this little gem and Happy Reading!

Tokomaru Bay

Once upon a time there was a young family from the deep south. They decided too head north to seek a brighter and sunnier future in the bustling shipping town of Tokomaru Bay. With mattresses strapped to the roof and a couple kids rolling around on the back seat this young couple drove the long trek north, across the ferry, through windy gorges and arrived in Tokomaru Bay in the height of its glory.
Now Tokomaru is a ghost town. A lovely little ghost town. Imagine overgrown little cottages, locals gathering kaimoana on the reef, rusty old tractors waiting for fishing boats. The little grey donkey that seems to have been in the same paddock eating the same grass for years. It is the perfect place for camping through the summer months and a wonderful place to escape to on a freezing winters day. A walk along the rickety old wharf is a must, scary when the swell is rolling in (even on a calm day I find it scary) but the perfect remedy to blow away the cobwebs and a wonderful spot to devour a delicious serving of salty hot fish and chips.

My Grandparents moved to Gisborne and had a few more children and lived happily ever after.

The Winemakers Daughters and team

I must be one of the worst blogger's out there, it has been nearly a month. I am very sorry.

As summer is nearly here my sister and I thought it was time to do a little advertising for the cafe, no point having a cafe if no one knows about it, is there? So we did a little profile in the local paper and put in a photo of our fantastic little team. We have gone through our first winter together which I believe is a great feat, reality is very close during winter in Gisborne.
The ad worked wonders and we are happy to report that we are going to have a very bright and busy summer.